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Peace of Mind Service.

We offer a different service for those people who do not wish to rent their Spanish property out and just wish for it to be cared for whilst it is vacant.

We understand that many people have property abroad and many do not wish to lease it as it is solely a home away from home to be used by family and guests of the owner. This is where the peace of mind service comes in.....

Although this service does not benefit from the full advertising pack that is contained within full management, it does consist of many of the same elements.

This service, as the same with all other services we offer is customisable to the owners requirements.


The base package of the peace of mind service is as follows:


·Key Holding (One set of Keys required)


·Weekly check on property inside and out.


·Allow property to have a good airing during the inspection.


·Check the property for any deterioration and inform the owner of such if required.


·Inform the owner of any urgent problems which arise and act on owners behalf with the consent of owner.


·Check property for any damp/mould that may occur.


·Check property for any insect life and/or infestation.


·Flush and run through all toilets, baths, showers and sinks to clean waste system.


·Cleaning service available after departure of Owner/Guest including full clean, linen washed and ironed beds made(extra cleaning fee incurred).


Again, the above is the basic package and we are able to add/change certain elements that the owner may wish to have included in the service.


We are confident that not only are our rates are the best available but that we offer the best service to the client.


For more information and a management plan to suit your needs please use the enquiry form found here or alternatively visit our contact page found here.

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