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Full Property and Asset Management.

We as a business understand the most important thing to the homeowner who has the property abroad is that it is in the hands of somebody they can trust.


Here at Costa Holiday Rentals, we are able to offer you the complete package to enable you to rest easy knowing that when you are away from you home abroad it is in the best possible hands and will be looked after as if it is one of our own. After working within other management companies over time we have gotten to know what the client really needs from a full management package. Most property management if not all management companies have a set management plan, this plan may be satisfactory to some, maybe most owners but it is not specific to the property. Every property is different and deserves to be treated as such.


Although we have set out the basic requirements of what the full property management package consists of below we understand that ALL property owners are different in what they require within their management package and we are confident that whatever you wish to include in your management package (that is not shown below), we can accommodate it to suit your needs with no problems.


If you are looking for the full management package which consists of property inspections, advertising for holiday rentals, taking bookings, dealing with guests and generally leaves you able to relax knowing your home is in safe and caring hands this is for you.


The package consists of the following:


·Key Holding (Two sets of keys required).


·Bi-Weekly inspections of the property, including airing the property.


·Advertising on our website and numerous other websites (where applicable).


·Full Owner interaction including agreement on rental price setting, constructive input from us as your property managers to achieve the best chance of regular rentals, monthly account statements so you know where you stand with your property.


·Complete process of dealing with the booking enquiry all the way through to the final booking conformation and indeed the arrival of all property guests.


·Full Cleaning service, linen washed and ironed, and beds made upon guest/owner departure (extra cost incurred per clean) If cleaned upon guest departure this is paid for by the guest.


·Bi-Weekly flushing of all toilets on the property, running of all taps and baths/showers.


·Bi-Weekly checks of all windows, doors, security grills, and alarm (where applicable).


·Regular checks for insect activity and/or infestation.


·Full maintenance checks for mould/damp/exterior and interior deterioration with owner contact as required.


·Regularly updated online booking calenders.


·Regular checks on all electrical appliances to make sure not faulty.


·Full inspection of property upon guest departure.


·Regular mail checks (forwarded to home address if required).


·Regular garden and maintenance checks on the property and owner contact as required.


We are confident that not only are our rates are the best available but that we offer the best service to the client.


For more information and a management plan to suit your needs please use the enquiry form found here or alternatively visit our contact page found here.

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