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Key Holding Service.

With our key holding service we understand that you may wish to advertise your property yourself or you may not wish to have any specific checks carried out on the property whilst it is vacant. This is where the key holding service comes in. Although the benefits from the alternative packages do not exist primarily, you still have the comfort of knowing that you have somebody on site and at hand close to your property should there be the need for immediate access to be required while you are not present, also if you have guests at your property there could be a concern that you may need to be able to call upon somebody if the need arises (there would be small call out charges incurred).


The package of the Key Holding Service is as follows:


·Key Holding (One set of Keys required).


·Property Checks (upon request with a premium on standard price).


·Cleaning service available after departure of Owner/Guest (extra cleaning fee incurred).


Again, the above is the basic package and we are able to add/change certain elements that the owner may wish to have included in the service.


We are confident that not only are our rates are the best available but that we offer the best service to the client.


For more information and a management plan to suit your needs please use the enquiry form found here or alternatively visit our contact page found here.

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